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What busy days at the end of a

7/10/2009 1:49:50 PM
These few days we are so busy marking test papers, summarize the points and
record the scores. What’s more, I urgently push some papers on journals of
colleges or universities so as to strive for a promotion in teaching and
researching ranks such as associate professor or assistant professor or even
We have to fulfill routine affairs such as teaching files, personal
archive, teaching summary, annual assessment, and many votes for excellent
teachers or administrators. All of these are really in red tape, extremely
out-moded externalism. Each time I usually abandon my right to vote. I know my
vote is no use. The adiministrative departments have their preconcerted
candidates. It is certainly the fact that some very outstanding people will also
be the candidates. And then the adiministrators will warn those people to be
close to the power of administration. Otherwise, this outstanding people will be
push away from any positions or titles.
Such a atmosphere foster a kind of snobbish mentality in Chinese people.
Who can do the best to study and research?



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